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Forms to Help Set Up a Caregiving Notebook

Forms are both helps and hindrances, but the goal is clarity and making caregiving tasks easier to manage. Here are forms you can use to help you set up a caregiving notebook (covered in Chapter 5).  Some forms we suggest, such as wills and powers of attorney (also called proxy), need to be obtained through an attorney, physician, state, or other agency, and require legal follow-through. Others you can simply download here or use to create a form that works best for you.  We want you to remember to start where you are – compiling medical histories can take a great deal of time and most people discover they are needed when in crisis and time to do them is non-existent.  That’s okay.  You can always go back and add and make adjustments along the way.  Forms are simply a tool you can use, they’re not written in stone!

If you’re fortunate enough to not be in a rush situation, and your caregiving situation allows it, print off the history forms and give them to your parent(s) to work on!  And, if you’re the one aging (and we all are!) step in and start leading the team that will one day be helping you by working through this information for your children and other potential caregivers before it’s needed.

Links to Forms from Our Book

download Form 1: Basic Life Checklist
download Form 2: Hospital Checklist
download Form 3: Records Request
download Form 4: Phone Log
download Form 5: Physician Profile Form
download Form 6: Medication Log
download Form 7: Immunization Record
download Form 8: Surgical History
download Form 9: Medical Screening Tests
download Form 10: Caregiver Information Form

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